Friday, February 25, 2005

The most recent of Kyoto's towers:
The Tower of Stupidity.
Kyoto City's new Tokuhobu ' Clean' Centre ( Incinerator), hidden in the forest just north of the city makes compliance with the Kyoto Protocol's guidelines on waste minimisation near impossible.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got some more info on this incinerator? Like do they use the heat for something? Incinerators aren't neccesarily bad. If it is well designed you can get rid of a lot of some very nasty chemicals.


13/7/05 12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Pato.


Refuse > Reduce > Reuse> Recycle > Recover > dispose.
This is the suggested prioritisation for dealing with materials
( previously called 'waste')
-as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol. to which Local Governments under
National Governmnents who are signatory to the Kyoto Protocol are
legally bound .
Enforcing compliance with this policy is the issue here in Kyoto.

Under the Kyoto Protocol , the 'dispose' option is a last resort
, only to be used when all other options have been exhausted.
Going straight to the 'dispose' option removes the incentive to work
towards achieving the goals as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol.
Presently in Kyoto, it is difficult for Recycling operators to divert
materials from the stream because the policy is to maximise the flow
to the incinerator .
The benefits of the Tokuhobu 'Clean' Center near Ichihara in the north
of Kyoto are outlined in a glossy English Language brochure , probably
available from the Kyoto City Hall.

They seem to be very proud of it,-but there is nothing on the internet
about it.

More on incinerators.
AL in Kyoto.
Also , here's a link to another group that was opposed to the Kyoto Incinerator while it was in its planning stage.

15/7/05 10:08 AM  
Blogger Al in Kyoto said...

More on dioxins in Japan.

AL in Kyoto

5/8/05 12:53 AM  

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