Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kyoto Government workers removing bicycles from the area (see the picture above)in which about 500 bicycle commuters were parking until September 2004 when it was barricaded off with scaffolding with any bicycles that remained being impounded.
This was the second major attack on an area established informally by cyclists who need to park near the Demachi-Yanagi transport hub.
The cat and mouse game continues with cyclists leaving their bikes in yet another illegal area further up the river.
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Go to this URL to see 'Bicycle destroy' video in Onomichi

A thread about the dangers cyclists present .

A humourous account from Mike in Tokyo

My new (2006 September) weblog on urban utility cyclism.


Blogger Al in Kyoto said...

October 12th ,2005.
No changes in the Kyoto City Government's Anti-Bicycle policy evident.
I went down to Kyoto station a few days ago to buy some bread and parked my bike at the front of the station where all the other shoppers bikes are parked . Came back 5 minutes later and about 30 bikes had disappeared with a security guard standing where they'd been. Amazingly mine would have been the next to have gone.

12/10/05 2:19 PM  

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