Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Prior to 1997, the word 'Kyoto' conjured up images of Japan’s traditional past but since that time, Kyoto has become synonymous with the Protocol signed here by representatives of the majority of the world's governments to start working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ironically , since that time, as a result of a lack of leadership from Central Government and from Japan's local territorial authorities , Japan's emissions have continued to increase.

To date the Kyoto City and State Governments have failed to implement policies that would facilitate achieving any of the goals outlined in their namesake Protocol.

They have, so far, only served to provide a useful example of how unwilling political leadership can stand in the way of moving toward actual reduction in C02 emissions.

I have written these pages to highlight the discrepancy between the Government of Kyoto’s stated policy and the actual situation as it is in Kyoto on the 16th of February, 2005, when the Protocol comes into effect. (2,625 days after its signing).

The text in white is taken directly from the Kyoto City Government’s web-site:

The text in green is my own observations, comments, and suggestions.
I took the photos in Kyoto over the last year.

We citizens of the world need our Governments to take a pro-active role in establishing the infrastructure which enables us to succeed in our efforts to stop global warming.

Talk must be followed by action.

Doublespeak is doubleplusungood !


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